Explore our Self-Assessments: customized tools to help you improve your customer interactions. Our assessments provide direct insight into your customers' business and needs. You can find inspiring use cases here, but the real value comes when we work together to design your unique assessment. Our automated design process ensures quick and efficient creation, perfectly tailored to your specific needs.

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Self Assessment Design Process


The first step is to develop a comprehensive questionnaire that has been carefully crafted to highlight all relevant aspects of the issue being assessed. Targeted questions on the key dimensions provide a detailed insight into the competence areas and development needs. This step provides a solid foundation for the analysis and subsequent steps of the assessment to ensure that the data collected is meaningful and relevant.

Landing Page

The landing page serves as a single point of contact for anyone interested in the assessment. It provides information about the purpose of the assessment, the process, and the benefits of participating. An inviting design and intuitive navigation motivate people to take the assessment and gain valuable insight into their own skills and potential.

Result Page 

In order to access the individual results of the assessment, participants are asked to provide their customer information, including their email address, via a contact form. This ensures secure and personalized access to the results and recommendations. This not only provides direct value to the participants, but also enables effective lead generation and customer retention for the company.


After entering the client information, participants receive a detailed PDF report via email. This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the assessment results and individualized recommendations. Providing this report adds value and allows participants to track their progress.


The dashboard provides a comprehensive view of participation and assessment results. It supports efficient data analysis, trend detection, and early lead identification. The dashboard is essential for continuous improvement and strategic planning.

Use cases for Self-Assessments


Our self-assessments are versatile and provide valuable support in a variety of business scenarios. Discover real-world use cases that show how you can strengthen customer relationships and make data-driven business decisions with customized assessments.

Lead Generation

Take lead generation to the next level with our self-assessments. Engage prospects through interactive assessments, gain deep insight into their needs, and offer customized solutions.. 


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Increase the success of your consulting projects with our self-assessments. Gain clear insight into challenges at the outset so you can tailor your consulting services. Use these tools to develop customized strategies and strengthen client relationships.


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Use self-assessment as a tool to foster collaboration by evaluating and engaging customers, partners, or employees. This approach can help you identify synergies, set standards, and achieve common goals more effectively.

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