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Revenue IQ offers a comprehensive B2B go-to-market framework that guides clients from market analysis to sales and customer retention. Our consulting packages, assessments and training programs are based on a proven combination of sales fundamentals and modern digital methods. We enable clients to achieve their sales and marketing goals and increase their productivity with our integrated and structured approach.


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At Revenue IQ, we combine deep sales expertise with modern digital strategies to strengthen your B2B business. Our go-to-market framework is the foundation of our offerings: targeted consulting, customized self-assessments, and training programs. We also provide in-depth B2B expertise through our blog. These resources provide actionable strategies and tools for your sales and marketing practice. Discover efficient ways to achieve your revenue goals with Revenue IQ.

Revenue IQ Consulting


Our consulting services cover GTM strategy and relevant GTM topics. We offer standardized packages for specific challenges and help optimize your sales and marketing strategies. Delivery by our GTM Experts.

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Revenue IQ Self-Assessments


Our customized lead generation, engagement, and collaboration self-assessments. The assessments provide direct insight into your customers' business and needs. Our design process ensures a fast and efficient implementation tailored to your specific needs.

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Revenue IQ Training Programs

Training Programs

Our training programs provide hands-on go-to-market, sales and marketing training. They are designed to equip you with the latest strategies and techniques to succeed in the marketplace. Through interactive learning approaches, we strengthen your skills for effective market presence.

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Go-To-Market Framework


A clear and strategic approach is critical in today's dynamic market landscape.

The Revenue IQ Go-To-Market Framework provides a customized playbook for all customer-facing teams to support your GTM strategy effectively. Based on years of real-world experience, it offers a modular application that can be tailored to your organization's specific needs.

The framework covers all the key aspects - from identifying your target audience to effectively implementing your strategy - and is divided into five main areas: GTM Strategy, GTM Plan, GTM Execution, People, and Tools & Processes.

Find out how our framework can help you maximize your sales success.

GTM Framework

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