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Your path to sales success with LinkedIn


In a world where digital presence is critical, our Digital and Social Selling course, led by our expert Kimberley Campbell, offers a deep dive into using LinkedIn to achieve your sales goals effectively. Going far beyond the basics, this course teaches advanced techniques for personal branding, lead generation, and effective digital communication.


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Why this course

This course teaches you how to use LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator effectively to optimize your sales strategy. Through a mix of interactive learning modules, real-world examples, and focused discussions, you will gain the skills you need to succeed in the digital sales world.

What you will learn

In this course, you will learn advanced methods for effective digital selling, focusing on the strategic use of LinkedIn and the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This includes optimizing your LinkedIn profile, developing digital communication strategies and generating efficient leads.

How you will learn

The course combines interactive live workshops with instructional videos. Each module consists of a short video and an online workshop providing hands-on learning experiences.

Who is the course for, and what is required?

  • Salespeople and sales managers: For those who want to enhance their traditional sales techniques with digital strategies.
  • Marketing professionals: Ideal for marketers who want to learn how to align digital sales strategies with marketing initiatives.
  • Business Owners and Professionals: Especially valuable for business owners who want to use digital platforms to expand their reach and customer base.

Prerequisites for this course include a basic understanding of sales concepts and some familiarity with social media, especially LinkedIn. A willingness to learn and apply new digital tools is critical to success in this course.

Go-To-Market Expertin Kimberley Campbell

Your specialist for digital sales

Kimberley Campbell helps companies transform and simplify their sales processes through the use of digital and data-driven methods and tools.

She is an expert in digital sales, digital demand generation, and B2B sales transformation and simplification. With over eight years of experience in an international software company, she has proven herself in various roles, most recently as Investor Relations Officer. She has defined and led strategic projects in demand management and demand generation and was responsible for demand enablement in Central and Eastern Europe.


What you will take away

Strategisches Management der Sales-Pipeline

Hands-on LinkedIn Strategies

Gain detailed knowledge and practical skills to use LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator for effective networking, lead generation, and sales.

Effektive Demand Generation-Strategien

Strategic Sales Skills

Gain a deep understanding of digital sales strategies and how to implement them to achieve your sales goals and increase your influence in the digital space.

Förderung der Zusammenarbeit

Digital Communication

Develop advanced digital communication skills that help you connect with customers more effectively and persuasively and build long-term relationships.

Additional benefits of the Revenue IQ training program

Individuelles Experten-Coaching

Individual Expert Coaching

Every participant in our training program benefits from a one-on-one coaching session with our experienced B2B expert. This one-on-one support allows you to discuss specific challenges and goals and develop solutions tailored to your professional practice.

Mitgliedschaft in der Go-To-Market Community

Go-To-Market Community Membership

As an attendee, you will receive a free lifetime membership to our exclusive Go-To-Market Community. This platform promotes peer-to-peer interaction and provides access to special content that will give you additional knowledge and insight into the industry.

Zugang zum Revenue IQ Experten-Netzwerk

Access to the Revenue IQ Expert Network

Gain access to our network of B2B experts. These experts share their experiences and insights in regular expert talks that open new perspectives and support your professional development.

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