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Demand Generation 

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Growth through demand generation is the lifeblood of any business. It is a sign of financial health and stability and an indicator of innovation, adaptability, and the will to succeed in the marketplace.
In our training program, we explore the essence of demand generation and why it is critical to long-term success.

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Why this course

Discover how to lead your business to sustainable growth through optimal demand generation. You will develop the skills you need to achieve your business goals through explanatory videos, hands-on exercises, and discussion.

What you will learn

Our training program will provide you with basic to advanced skills in demand generation and sales pipeline management. You will learn to identify growth opportunities and develop strategies for continued business growth.

How will you learn

The course combines interactive live workshops with instructional videos. Each module comprises a short video and an online workshop providing hands-on learning experiences.

Who is the course for, and what is required?

This course is designed for managers and decision-makers who want to drive their business forward through effective sales strategies and customer retention. It is ideal for C-level executives and department heads who want to develop sales and customer management skills.
This course builds on a basic understanding of sales and marketing processes. It is ideal for executives with business management experience who want to deepen their knowledge of sales and customer acquisition.

Go-To-Market Experte Manfred Travnicek

Your Sales and Demand Generation Specialist

With over 30 years of experience in sales and process optimization, Manfred Travnicek provides practical knowledge and proven strategies. His success in developing demand-generation programs makes him uniquely qualified to train managers in effective sales strategies.
In his position as Business Development Manager, he successfully developed the demand generation program for several years and contributed to the growth of SAP Central & Eastern Europe. With his in-depth knowledge and extensive experience, Manfred Travnicek is a valuable expert in helping companies take their demand generation to the next level and achieve sustainable success.

What you will take away

Strategisches Management der Sales-Pipeline

Strategic Sales Pipeline Management

Gain an in-depth understanding of managing your sales pipeline. Learn how to improve the performance of your sales activities by analyzing and optimizing strengths, weaknesses, and bottlenecks to make the sales process more effective.

Effektive Demand Generation-Strategien

Effective Demand Generation Strategies

Expand your knowledge of demand generation and develop skills to plan and implement targeted strategies for your business. These skills are critical to achieving sustainable growth and a stronger market position.

Förderung der Zusammenarbeit

Foster collaboration

Enhance your skills in cross-disciplinary collaboration and data analysis. Learn how to integrate marketing and sales strategies effectively and how advanced analytics can contribute to data management and decision-making.

Additional benefits of Revenue IQ Coaching

Individuelles Experten-Coaching

Individual Expert Coaching

Every participant in our training program benefits from a one-on-one coaching session with our experienced B2B expert. This one-on-one support allows you to discuss specific challenges and goals and develop solutions tailored to your professional practice.

Mitgliedschaft in der Go-To-Market Community

Go-To-Market Community Membership

As an attendee, you will receive a free lifetime membership to our exclusive Go-To-Market Community. This platform promotes peer-to-peer interaction and provides access to special content that will give you additional knowledge and insight into the industry.

Zugang zum Revenue IQ Experten-Netzwerk

Access to the Revenue IQ Expert Network

Gain access to our network of B2B experts. These experts share their experiences and insights in regular expert talks that open new perspectives and support your professional development.


Josef Kroer

Josef Kroer


Manfred's expertise in demand generation processes is exceptional. Enriching marketing, demand generation and execution as an end-to-end process with innovation is one of Manfred's great strengths. Building bridges, breaking down silos and acting data-driven, coupled with analytical understanding, has a particularly positive impact on the business, which he implements in his daily work.

Richard Brückner

Richard Brückner


I have been fortunate to work with Manfred on several occasions over the past few years, all of which have resulted in fruitful outcomes despite sometimes challenging circumstances. Manfred's structured approach to project management and exceptional stakeholder management skills enabled the successful completion of several projects.

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