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Create your individual consulting package from our comprehensive Go-To-Market framework with a total of 40 modules. Choose from five pillars - Strategy, Plan, Execution, People, and Tools & Processes - the modules that best fit your specific needs and goals. This flexible offering provides a customized solution for companies that need targeted support in selected areas of their Go-To-Market plan.


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Our GTM Framework: Tailor-made for your market success


Our comprehensive Go-To-Market Framework forms the basis of our consulting services. It is specifically designed to cover all aspects of your go-to-market strategy. This modular framework allows for flexible customization to your specific business needs and covers five main areas:

Strategy, Plan, Execution, People and Tools & Processes.

By implementing our GTM framework, we support you not only in strategy development, but also in the practical implementation of your plans, so that you can successfully expand and secure your market position.

Why this consulting

Benefit from interactive and personalized consulting. Our experts guide you through practice-oriented modules, combined with 1:1 online sessions, to effectively achieve your individual strategy goals.

What you will achieve

Design a consulting package that meets your specific needs. Whether strategy optimization or process improvement - achieve targeted results that meet your business objectives.

How you will be consulted

Benefit from interactive and personalized consulting. Our experts guide you through practice-oriented modules, combined with 1:1 online sessions, to effectively achieve your individual strategy goals.

Who is our consulting service for?


Business leaders and executives: Ideal for business leaders who want to rethink their go-to-market strategies and improve them with external expert feedback. Our modular approach allows for flexible customization to your company's specific needs, resulting in a more effective go-to-market and stronger competitive position.

Sales, marketing and operations managers: Suitable for managers who want to question their current strategies and strengthen them through strategic realignment. With our advice, you can refine your plans and optimize execution in key areas of your business.

Start-up founders and business owners: Valuable for founders and CEOs looking for an external perspective to develop or refine their market entry strategies. Our consulting package will help you develop customized solutions tailored to your specific market opportunities.

Prerequisites for participation
A basic understanding of market and business strategies is helpful, but a willingness to actively participate in the process, including conducting self-assessments and being open to exploring and implementing new strategic approaches, is critical.

Your Go-to-Market Experts


Go-To-Market Experts Ramzi Musa und Andres Brevis


Our consulting program is led by two outstanding industry experts. Andres Brevis and Ramzi Musa bring a combination of strategic vision and operational excellence to the consulting program to guide and support your company on the path to market success.

Ramzi Musa, an experienced B2B leader and sales expert, has made a name for himself at companies such as Oracle and SAP. Known for building high-performance teams and digital B2B sales transformations, he brings deep experience in growth and innovation.

Andres Brevis, a sales expert with extensive experience in start-ups and large IT companies, such as Oracle and Logitech, specializes in building effective direct and indirect business models. He focuses on increasing sales growth and optimizing sales processes, especially for mid-sized and enterprise customers in the DACH region.

What you will take away


Strategisches Management der Sales-Pipeline

Specific strategy development

By selecting the modules that meet your needs, you can develop specific strategies in areas such as market positioning, customer approach or resource management that are directly tailored to your business objectives.

Effektive Demand Generation-Strategien

Expand your skills in a targeted manner

Expand your skills in key areas such as market analysis, demand generation and process optimization. Our flexible modular system provides you with the knowledge and tools to achieve excellence in the areas relevant to you.

Förderung der Zusammenarbeit

Practical application and implementation

You not only learn theory, but also apply it directly in practice. Each module offers concrete instructions and exercises to help you implement what you have learned directly in your day-to-day business and achieve visible results.

Additional benefits of Revenue IQ Coaching


Mitgliedschaft in der Go-To-Market Community

Go-To-Market Community Membership

As an attendee, you will receive a free lifetime membership to our exclusive Go-To-Market Community. This platform promotes peer-to-peer interaction and provides access to special content that will give you additional knowledge and insight into the industry.

Zugang zum Revenue IQ Experten-Netzwerk

Access to the Revenue IQ Expert Network

Gain access to our network of B2B experts. These experts share their experiences and insights in regular expert talks that open new perspectives and support your professional development.

Are you ready to tailor and optimize your Go-To-Market strategy?


Take advantage of the flexibility of our modular Go-To-Market Consulting offering and choose exactly the support you need to drive your business forward.

Our offering gives you the opportunity to grow in the areas that are most important to your business. With the help of our experts, develop a customized strategy that will make your company stand out in the market.

Are you ready to put together the building blocks for your success and take your business to new heights? Start now and configure your personal consulting package!

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